Pompano Beach  Duplicate Bridge Club
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Members present:  Barbara Warburton, Ursula Mayer, Bob Buchner, Glenda Gerraputa, Harold Buchman, Judy Barash, Ed Rauch, Jill Pennington, Shelly Salvi. Members absent:  Vicki Cobb and Joan Gasparro Reading of the minutes of the May meeting were waived and accepted. Rich Waugh was not present, so no manager’s report was given. Ed Rauch delivered the Treasurer’s report and stated that our total balances as of May 30, 2017 are as follows:  Checking account is $9,999.56, Savings account is $5,417.02 and Money Market account is $12, 950.76.  He reported that we saved $1,000.00 on the exterior paint job.  The amount donated to the building fund is $8,915.00 to date. Old Business:  Current on going discipline issues were discussed.  It was felt they were being handled in a satisfactory manner.  A written complaint received by the board was judged to be of a personal matter not of our concern. New Business:  Tori Anderson approached the board with an offer to remove the wallpaper in the women’s bathroom, repair the ceiling and paint the walls and ceiling at her expense.  We unanimously accepted her generous offer. A discussion was held regarding the cars that are parked in our lot during off hours and what to do about them.  It was decided to charge $30.00 a month for nighttime parking as a source of income for the club.  Signs will be posted, letters sent  and cars will be towed that are not authorized to be here. Plans were finalized for the Fourth of July Picnic.  Ed will grill.  $5.00 per person. The meeting was thereupon adjourned.